Size: 7.5 X 9.5 in.
watercolour on paper,

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A favourite place to rest on the Sunshine Village hiking trails are the benches which overlook Rock Island Lake. This scene shows two hikers enjoying the tranquil view of the majestic peaks. This spot has been frequented by many famous Canadian artists.

This painting was inspired by the couple resting on the bench overlooking Rock Island Lake in Sunshine Village. I was hiking the trail in early August in 2023 and the contrast between the light coloured clothing and dark dense high altitude trees caught my eye. The couple sat quietly for an extended period of time, allowing me to take several reference photographs.. I approached them to ask permission to use their image in a painting. It was then that the gentleman explained he had not been to this site in over forty years .  His facial expression told me that he was perhaps contemplating his life’s passage over that extended period of time. I believe this tranquil setting had set his mind in motion.

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