Cole Speck

As a young carver, Cole apprenticed under accomplished master carvers Beau Dick and Wayne Alfred. Cole has assisted in the making of the Pat Alfred Memorial pole with Beau Dick and in the carving of a pole for a Northwest Coast exhibition in Holland with Rande Cook in 2012.

The next year, Cole participated in the Bill Reid Gallery’s exhibition “RezErect” and in 2014 he was featured in the Museum of Anthropology’s show “Claiming Space”.

In 2017, Cole performed for the opening of documenta 14 in Athens, Greece where he contextualized Beau Dick’s works in the exhibition through a re-telling of the Undersea Kingdom story. In July of 2017, he participated in the exhibition in Kassel, Germany as Beau Dick’s apprentice. Cole’s work has also been exhibited at NADA Art Fair in New York and at Santander Cultural in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2018.

Cole has tremendous love and respect for his culture, and he aspires to keep old traditions alive while allowing his contemporary style to emerge.

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28.75 X 36 X 3 in. - $9,800 CAD
Cole Speck artwork 'BOX RENDITION' at Canada House Gallery
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