Nicotye Samayualie

Nicotye Samayualie is the daughter of Kudluarjuk Ashoona and Johny Tunnillie Samayualie. Nicotye’s grandmother, Keeleemeeoomee Samayualie was a well-known graphic artist whose prints were represented in the Cape Dorset annual print collections throughout the 1970s and 80s.

Nicotye is fascinated by patterns and arrangements of disparate objects in nature and man-made materials. Many of her drawings depict everyday items such as the contents of a pantry shelf, a table of shiny fishing lures or boxes of camping supplies.

Nicotye has had her original drawings shown at the Toronto Art Fair and in 2013 her work was featured in an Italian publication, ‘Annie e le Altre’, an ambitious scholastic study that explored the role of women artists in Cape Dorset.

Born on November 23, 1983 in Kinngait, NU. Nationality is Inuit


2019 Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection, Dorset Fine Arts, Toronto, ON
2017 Cape Dorset Graphics (annual collection) (illustrated catalogue)
2015 Cape Dorset Graphics (annual collection) (illustrated catalogue)
2013 Toronto Art Fair, Toronto, ON
2013 Eight Women, Marion Scott Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2013 The Hand of the Artist, Fehely Fine Arts, Toronto, ON
2013 Toronto International Art Fair, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON
2013 Cape Dorset Graphics (annual collection) (illustrated catalogue)
2012 Views from the North: Original Drawings from Cape Dorset, Alaska on Madison, New York, NY
2012 The Unexpected, Feheley Fine Arts, Toronto, ON
2011 Toronto Art Fair, Feheley Fine Arts Booth, Toronto, ON

19.2 X 37.2 in.
Nicotye Samayualie artwork 'SIGNS OF SPRING' at Canada House Gallery
19.1 X 37.1 in.
Nicotye Samayualie artwork 'MORNING FOG' at Canada House Gallery
23.2 X 29.1 in. - $700.00
Nicotye Samayualie artwork 'SHORELINE MYSTERY  9/50' available at Canada House Gallery - Banff, Alberta
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