Nellie Appakqaq

E972 Sanikiluaq/Belcher Islands

Alternate names: Appaqaq Appaqaq, Eekeeoowtowlik Appaqaq, Eechavaotarlik Appaqaq, Appauk Appaqaq, Appakak Appaqaq

Born on 06/19/1936


Belcher Island Sculpture, Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec


Ipeelee, Seepee, SEEPEE IPELLIE Recent Sculpture, 1981, Exhibition brochure of Seepee Ipellie’s recent works of sculpture. Brief biography of the artist. 6 p. 5 b&w ill.

8 X 9 X 7 in. - $1,400 CAD
Nellie Appakqaq artwork 'MYTHOLOGICAL BIRD AND HEAD' available at Canada House Gallery - Banff, Alberta
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