Humanity’s relationship with nature is the central theme of Lewis-Smith’s work. Using 8×10 glass plate negatives, she documents her highly detailed set constructions exploring the nuanced ways plants, animals, and people interact. Having previously worked in ecological fieldwork, her staged tableaus are layered with scientific, historic, and cultural chronicles. The flora and fauna in her photographs are collected during field expeditions, as well as from healers and storytellers, and Museum collections across North America.


Whitney Lewis-Smith(born Ottawa, Canada) is an artist and educator working in both Mexico City and Jordan River, BC. She attended Concordia University’s studio arts program, focusing on drawing and sculpture. She completed her photographic education at The School of Photographic Arts, Ottawa. Her work sits in prominent private collections in Canada and internationally, as well as in The Beaverbrook Art Gallery of New Brunswick, Maison Simons collection, SUMMA Contemporary Art Fair’s permanent acquisitions, Sophie and Justin Trudeau’s private collection, and in the Ottawa City’s Public Art collection.

Whitney Lewis-Smith artwork 'FIRST BLOSSOMS AT MERCADO JAMAICA' at Canada House Gallery
Whitney Lewis-Smith artwork 'CHIMERA FUKINAGASHI BONSAI' at Canada House Gallery
Whitney Lewis-Smith artwork 'FIGS' at Canada House Gallery
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