Nuna Parr

Nuna Parr's parents, the late Parr and Eleeshushe, are renowned graphic artists from the older generation. His brother, Epirvik, is a carver. Nuna has been carving since the 1960's, preferring wildlife for his subjects. Nuna and his family have left Cape Dorset for a more traditional lifestyle, relying on hunting and carving for their livelihood.

Nuna Parr is presently on the Board of Directors of the Inuit Art Foundation in Ottawa, ON.

"His interest in hunting and his regard for the animal life of the Arctic are directly reflected in his work. Nuna's rounded forms have great movement and a natural flow with the grain of the stone, as if both were made for each other. He has been carving for forty years and his work continues to be shown nationally and internationally."

-quoted from Cape Dorset Sculpture, Douglas & McIntyre, 2005
15 X 14 in. - $400 CAD
Nuna Parr artwork 'SHORELINE SPIRIT P' available at Canada House Gallery - Banff, Alberta
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