Inuit Textiles

The graphic design skills of the Inuit people become most apparent in textiles. Inuit women are highly skilled seamstresses and make traditional clothing made for a harsh climate adorned with beads and applique. Adapting their skills from working in caribou and sealskin, these artisans have become recognized for their ingenuity in creating woven tapestries, using skins to print directly onto fabric, piecing Melton felt and stroud thread into wall-hangings and having their designs transformed into carpets.
Please Contact for Measurements - $190 CAD
Kenojuak Ashevak artwork 'THE ENCHANTED OWL SCARF' at Canada House Gallery
84 X 60 in. - $12,500 CAD
Kenojuak Ashevak artwork 'SHAMAN-REFLECTIONS-WHITE GEM   CIRCA 2010' available at Canada House Gallery - Banff, Alberta
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