Born Nov 8, 1946 in St. Louis, MO. Canadian

Retired from the vibrant canvas of her artistic journey, Page Ough has left an indelible mark that whispers of a life colored by creativity. From the earliest days of wielding a paintbrush in preschool, to the precious moments stolen at the kitchen table after her four children had embarked on their school day adventures, Page's lifelong dance with painting has been nothing short of enchanting.

Her self-taught journey commenced earnestly in 1980, a year that marked the ignition of a passion that would burn brightly through the decades. Anchored by a yearning to capture the essence of her surroundings, Page's journey saw her traverse geographical landscapes as diverse as her artistic musings. Ontario, Newfoundland, Connecticut, Alberta—each chapter etched its own tale on her canvases. And finally, Vancouver Island emerged as her last western haven, casting its spell on her artistic spirit.

Nature, in all its majesty, became her wellspring of inspiration. Her outdoor pursuits—photography, hiking, canoeing, and cross-country running—conspired with her ever-curious eye to infuse her art with life's most vibrant hues.

Page's artistic voyage unfurled through distinct stages, painting her biography in colors that resonated with her growth. Her debut and perennial love affair was with wildlife. On her canvas, the animals' unique forms and colors converged with glimpses into their personalities—eyes and expressions rendered with a meticulous hand. Then came the embrace of their habitats, intertwining with the seasons in a dance of survival.

A whimsical evolution unveiled "Not Still Life," where familiar inanimate arrangements took on an intriguing, sometimes humorous, note thanks to the playful presence of mischievous little birds.

Vancouver Island's enchantment seeped into her artistry, as sprawling canvases metamorphosed into meadows of wildflowers and larger-than-life florals—a manifestation of the island's spell.

She created around sixty masterpieces annually and crafted each stroke with the same dedication that propelled her through her earlier years. The pinnacle arrived in 2004 when she orchestrated a solo exhibition showcasing thirty wolf paintings, an artistic endeavor that doubled as a plea for wolf conservation, shedding light on their imperiled state.

Page's legacy resides exclusively at the renowned Canada House Gallery in Banff, Alberta, while her influence unfurls its wings across the globe. Her artistic endeavors have sparked conversations, raised awareness, and brought nature's marvels to the forefront of collective consciousness. Though she has hung up her paintbrush, the echoes of her artistic journey continue to resonate—a timeless ode to the wonders of nature and the canvas.

40 X 40 in. - $7,600 CAD
Page Ough artwork 'A SPOT OF LIGHT ON THE TULIP PATCH' at Canada House Gallery
12 X 12 in. - $1,825 CAD
12 X 12 in. - $1,825 CAD
Page Ough artwork 'INTENSE! GREY WOLF' at Canada House Gallery
12 X 12 in. - $1,825 CAD
24 X 18 in. - $2,700 CAD
Page Ough artwork 'YOUNG BARRED OWLS' at Canada House Gallery
18 X 24 in. - $2,825 CAD
Page Ough artwork 'WILD POPPIES' at Canada House Gallery
60 X 20 in. - $6,475 CAD
Page Ough artwork 'PAINTBRUSH PANEL III' at Canada House Gallery
60 X 20 in. - $6,475 CAD
Page Ough artwork 'PAINTBRUSH PANEL I' at Canada House Gallery
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