David Riome was exposed to nature and art at an early age. The mixed woodland around his hometown in Saskatchewan provided rich and varied experiences, which fostered an awareness of nature evident in his present work. Self-taught, the artist pursued individual studies and has been trained in a variety of technical and visual skills.

David Riome's wood and stone sculpture is carved with traditional hand tools from imported and domestic materials. His soapstone quarry, located in a remote area of Northern Saskatchewan, is the source of much material for his smaller work. Antler, bone, coral, bronze and other metals are also used in multi-media carvings. The natural materials complement the vital content of his work. In both his wildlife and figurative work, the artist draws from basic forms found in nature. Utilizing principles of balance, rhythm, and harmony, he creates work that is uniquely Northern in their synthesis of subject, style and material.

David Riome's work has been acquired and is appreciated by both private and corporate collectors in Canada and the United States.

Born on April 7, 1954 in Saskatchewan. Nationality is Canadian