Siasie Kenneally

Siasie Kenneally was born on May 29, 1969. She comes from a family of notable Cape Dorset artists. Her mother Mayoreak Ashoona has been a mainstay of the Cape Dorset annual print collection for many years and her father was the renowned sculptor, Kaka Ashoona. Her two cousins, Annie Pootoogook and Shuvenai Ashoona are well known contemporary artists. The three cousins have shown together on occasion.

Siasie began drawing at the Kinngait Studios in the early 2000’s. Her striking iridescent print, ‘Fish Tails’ from the 2008 spring collection was a hugely admired etching/aquatint and she has displayed a remarkable faculty with the medium of oil stick on paper. Siasie tends to work on a large scale and her drawings are characterized by an intimate and contemporary approach to the depiction of traditional lifestyles.

Born on May 29, 1969. Died on 2018. Nationality is Inuit


2014 Cape Dorset Graphics Collection, Dorset Fine Arts, Toronto, ON
2013 Cape Dorset Graphics Collection, Dorset Fine Arts, Toronto, ON

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