Please join us August 6th for our annual Demo Day! 

Demo Day is an exciting and busy day in the gallery! Five amazing artists from incredibly different backgrounds will be joining us and showcasing their unique creative processes. 

Come take a sneak peek into how these artists bring their work to life! 

28 X 22 in. - $2,200 CAD
Christa Rijneveld artwork 'EVER AFTER' available at Canada House Gallery - Banff, Alberta
LULU B Designs artwork 'FELICITY OOK' at Canada House Gallery
11 X 14 in. - $575 CAD
Cliff Swanlund artwork 'THE WHYTE HERITAGE HOME' at Canada House Gallery
30 X 22 in. - $2,100 CAD
Cliff Swanlund artwork 'VISITING JIMMY SIMPSON' at Canada House Gallery
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