Size: 42 X 26.5 in.
watercolour, paper, Artist Owned Frame

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

40 x 55” framed

"This painting of Paradise Valley in Banff National Park represents the landscape below and above treeline, and illustrates the many types of lines that trees create - long sinuous shadows, elegant vertical lines of evergreens, and the dark horizontal line of the forest edge. The treeline is a constant consideration in all of our outdoor pursuits and influences most of my landscapes in one manner or another. 
We have skied up this valley every year for about the past twenty-five, and have been lucky enough to witness this spectacle of light and shadow only a handful of times. It requires many factors to align - the exact time of day and year, clear skies, fresh snow, low winds, and at least the first part of the route to have been skied upon (at that time of year, often no one has yet skied up the valley to this point so breaking trail is expected, but breaking trail the entire way takes forever, and one is likely to miss the light entirely.)  
At the end of December, the sun sweeps low behind Eiffel and Pinnacle peaks, disappears at about 3:00 p.m. behind Wastach Mountain, then re-emerges for maybe 15 minutes before being obscured by the great flank of Hungabee. That precious and precise bit of light creates almost impossibly long tree shadows, and paints the snow hues of gold and indigo. The sun streams though the trees showing off their delicate needles and branches, and briefly rests on an open spot in the creek. A few moments later, the sun will have set and we will have turned around to follow our tracks back down by headlamp, leaving the valley in the still peace of winter."
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