Size: 9.5 X 30 in.
watercolour, paper, Artist Owned Frame

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"At the Castle Mountain junction most people come to admire Castle Mountain reflected in the Bow River, a classic Canadian Rockies scene. There is always at least one or many cars parked along the road and several photographers set up on the shore, shooting the great castle. But if one turns ones head and looks down river, the  spectacular serrated backbone of the Sawback range peels off into the distance, often bathed in warm light and often obscured by mist rising from the river. The dark treeline offsets delicate shades of rose and pale ultramarine, anchoring the razor sharp peaks marching off down the valley.  Side note: we have backpacked the length of this range from Mt. Norquay to Lake Louise ski resort, (The Sawback Trail,) on the far side of the range. When passing by on the highway side, I always think of that hike, reminded of how much the character of mountains vary from different vantage points, in different weather conditions and seasons, and how many experiences are etched into the landscape."
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