Size: 29 X 19 in.
watercolour, paper

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This piece was accepted by jury into the Federation of Canadian Artist’s AIRE (Annual International Representational Exhibition) in September.

"The 10th century Bamburgh Castle in northeast England has guarded the Northumberland coastline for over 1400 years. The painting echoes centuries of feasts in the great dining hall in contrast to the quiet contemplation of rolling landscape and sea beyond. My purpose in this watercolour was to capture the feeling of refuge provided by the stone hall, the anticipation of a feast, and the airy freedom of landscape. As we all have been confined to the protection of our homes as of late, the experience of hyper-focusing on our interior spaces as well as gazing out of our windows has become normal. We are forced to slow down and contemplate our surroundings, an almost foreign exercise in our fast-paced world, but more akin to centuries past.

The painting combines the genres of still life, architecture and landscape, which we all experience on different levels when living indoors, whether in a humble shelter or a castle. The collection of delicate crystal and rich drapery is a foil to the thick walls of the muscular stone fortress. Afternoon light filters through ancient windows illuminating the still life and enlivening an otherwise dark interior, pulling the viewer’s gaze between interior and exterior."

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