Size: 14 X 38 in.
watercolour, paper

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

Framed dimensions: 37" high x 51.5" wide

On a late return by ski from Citadel Pass through Sunshine Meadows, we were spellbound by the sun disappearing behind the shoulder of The Monarch. It is not often one is fortunate enough to witness a sunset at 7900 feet in mid-winter (smart people are warm and cozy indoors by a fire.) The light moves quickly, and for a moment turns the sky to fire and the snow to an array of warm and cool pinks with indigo shadows. Clouds settle into the valley catching last light while larch watch quietly in black. I have exaggerated the colour palette and range of values to strengthen the image and convey my perception of the experience. Snow contours are elongated and simplified to lead the eye down and around to the lake, clouds and sun. The verticality and strategic placement of trees provide contrast, perspective and scale. I am always struck by the resilience of trees in harsh conditions, how their presence is a comfort, and how they give the impression of quiet observers.

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