Size: 26 X 40 in.
charcoal, board, Artist Owned Frame

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"Lake Louise and its surrounding peaks are impressive from any angle, but the view from the summit of Whitehorn peak on Lake Louise Ski hill provides a different perspective on its exact setting, which is difficult to discern when in the valley or at the lake itself. Mt. Victoria dominates the backside of the lake with its massive the glacier presiding over the Plain of Six Glaciers. The shoulder of Mt. Lefroy with its own hanging glacier angles down from the left, the chutes of Mt. Whyte appear to overlap from the right, met by the lower slopes of Mt. Aberdeen and Fairview entering from stage left. It is a zig zag pattern of alternating glacial ice, rock and snow when seen from this vantage point, augmented by the use of black and white. Low cloud resting in the lower valley are a place for the eye to rest before travelling back up to the glaciers."
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