Size: 30 X 34 in.
acrylic, canvas

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Working primarily in oil and acrylic on canvas, Robert Genn (1936-2014) celebrated the wilderness he loved by painting on location and at times, composing his most cherished themes from his imagination. A master of design, Robert painted en plein-air from antique car, boat, train, plane and even horseback on Canada's West Coast, in the Rockies, at Lake of the Woods, and Algonquin, in Quebec and across the globe. Genn completed work in his studio with personalized acrylic techniques including dry-brush scumbling, signature greys, poured acrylic glazes, contrapuntal cut-ins and his beloved "colour-surprise" -- defining a lifelong, unmistakeable and peerless personal style.

“Above Berg Lake” is undated and had not previously been shown until it arrived at CHG. It’s very likely Robert visited Robson Park within the period of 1998 – 2003. We can only narrow down the date of the work to this period: Style, brushwork, palette, subject and general brushy, loose freshness date the painting to 2000-2013. The painting fits snuggly within this period for Robert - though the subject of Mt. Robson makes it unique.

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