Size: 32 X 28 in.
acrylic, panel, Custom Framed

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I was inspired to paint this scene after visiting the Tuff City Skatepark in Tofino, BC a number of years ago (after gnawing at me for years, I finally got around to painting it). The power and telephone lines were heavily littered with shoes. Well aware of the practical problems with this display, I couldn’t help finding it artistically pleasing, almost like art on the walls that very much suited this room. Also, the condition of the shoes struck me as an indication of the time and dedication required by their owners to perfect their amazing skateboarding displays.⁣

European Starlings are also guilty of some mischief, but much like the remarkable feats of the skateboarders, the aerial displays of a flock of starlings are an amazing sight to see, moving across the sky like an out-of-control yet purposeful ball of energy." – Allan ⁣
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