Size: 40 X 30 in.
mixed media, panel

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GLAMOUR SERIES - My art is rooted in the notion of memories and trying to capture small moments of time to bring a sense of nostalgia to the viewer. I like to explore the idea of memory and have the viewer question whether it is a real or imagined memory being brought forward. The use of vintage photography is essential to my art making process. Photography unlike any other medium captures a moment in time, and to take the viewer into memories.

In the Glamour Series, the line between photography and painting is blurred more than in my other series, however it is no less important. The chandelier photographs (often zoomed in from famous palaces, such as Versailles), still embed the viewer with a distinct sense of place and time. The mixing of mediums (photography and paint) draws the viewer in to discern between the actual and the created. This is the space where I like my art to reside; where memories can no longer be discerned between real and imagined, where mediums intertwine and where actual moments of the past collide with the present.

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