SAISONS, VERSAILLES - currently off-site at the American Watercolor Society International Exhibition

Size: 21 X 14 in.
watercolour, paper, Framed

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"Set in the English gardens of Versailles is an elegant music room built for Marie Antoinette. The Belvédère du Petit Trianon is a neo-classical pavillion completed in 1781, adorned by reliefs of the four seasons above each window, its walls covered in arabesques in oil on stucco. It was still open to visitors when we visited and in serious need of restoration, though its history and beauty were still clear under a rich patina of age. Though this painting is a somewhat accurate portrayal of the pavillion, I embellished the patterned marble floor with the lines of tree shadows in order to repeat the contrast between natural and manmade forms, to bring the garden inside, and to suggest the nearness of the forest. I hoped to create a space filled with light and air, with music lilting out of french glass doors into the gardens and forests beyond." 
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