This body of work has been evolving for the last couple of years. As the sculptures have taken a life of their own, the working title: "Where do We Stand?" is more appropriate than ever. The wood I use is cedar driftwood I brought from the West Coast to my studio in Alberta. Cedars don't grow here, between the mountains and the prairies, so the large pieces of driftwood look unusual just leaning against my porch in the Foothills. The process of carving, charring and oiling the sculptures is a long one and it is very, very pleasant. The black, simple sculptures take on a sharp, thought-provoking presence.... On one hand there are the questions of our environmental impact and the shameful imbalance of the ecosystem. On the other hand this transformation of the (not-long-ago-floating) driftwood brings hope for a quiet and modest renewal. We failed in many ways, but Where Do We Stand now?

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