Please join us on Saturday, December 3rd for Sarah Martin's newest collection. Sarah will be in attendance from 12pm - 4pm to chat with her fans and collectors.

We look forward to welcoming you and Sarah to Banff.

Please note that pre-sales are in effect and we ask that this collection stays in the gallery until after the exhibition.

Artist Statement:

The ongoing theme of my work is making connections to the past.  Recognizing that places and landscapes are our greatest thread connecting us to the past.  We travel and walk the same land and view the same mountains and lakes that those before us have.  

For this show, I sourced vintage Banff postcards from around the world, which I enlarged and turned into my style of art.  The postcards are a physical reminder bridging our current lives to the stories of those from the past who have also walked the same streets, and been just as enamored with our beautiful country as we continue to be.

Sarah Martin artwork 'WE HIKED BACK TO THE END OF THE LAKE TODAY' at Canada House Gallery
30 X 40 in. - $2,200.00
Sarah Martin artwork 'LIKE OUR COTTAGE AT THE LAKE' at Canada House Gallery
18 X 24 in. - $880.00
Sarah Martin artwork 'WE SAW THIS LAKE YESTERDAY' at Canada House Gallery
30 X 40 in. - $2,200.00
Sarah Martin artwork 'WHERE CARS HAVE NAMES' at Canada House Gallery
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