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Showing Regan Johnston

Exhibition Is No Longer Available

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My paintings begin with a moment that inspires me, whether I'm climbing a mountain to a dramatic landscape or when I see interesting light coming through the trees. Nature is my main inspiration. I love how, if you look for it, you can find the most beautiful abstract lines and shapes that flow together so perfectly. Once I'm inspired I create the composition, and this is the most important aspect of my process. I'll spend time detailing my composition by doing different sketches of the idea, always thinking of the light source and how I'll bring depth to the painting. If the composition isn't right then it doesn't matter what I do to the painting; it won't work.

I try to convey a mood or feeling with my work. I'm not trying to showcase any particular animal or landscape but a moment that is special to me. Although my works are detailed, I find the detail is the least important aspect of my painting. I want people to see my pieces and feel like they are seeing something for the first time. I want to create something I feel is different while being true to what exists in nature.

Conservation is important to me and this is another aspect I bring to my work. Through my paintings, I’m trying to raise awareness with my art to protect wildlife and the places they call home. Our planet is changing and there are so many small changes happening alongside the obvious ones that I'm trying to capture with my work.

It hasn't been that long since I first picked up a paint brush and decided to pursue my fine art career, and I've never been happier. With every piece I'm finding out more about the direction I want to pursue. I find myself drawn to creating big pieces. Every painting is a challenge and I will continue to keep pushing myself and my ideas.