Includes Gaye Adams, Jennifer Annesley, Roger D Arndt, LULU B Designs, Ryan Bavin, Michael Cameron, Susie Cipolla, Regan Johnston, Sheila Kernan, Anastasia Kimmett, Susan Kun, Kerry Langlois, Donna Jo Massie, Peter McFarlane, . NESHKA, Paul Reimer, Leslie Rowe-Israelson, Robert Roy, Dieter Schlatter, Mike Svob, K Neil Swanson, Jeff Sylvester, Janice Iniskim-Aki Tanton
Saturday, November 30, 2019 'til 9 pm

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various semi-precious gemstones
$780 CAD

More about sculpture than jewellery, Neshka is a collection of pieces in ebony, sterling silver and genuine semi-precious gems.

Neshka was founded by Agnieszka (Neshka) Krusche, graphic designer and art director. Agnieszka is passionate about art history and contemporary art & design. Working in Canada and Poland, she has been involved in design projects and exhibitions across North America, Poland, Italy and France.

The jewellery is handmade in her Canadian studio located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

The collections are described as Objets d'art, Wearable Art, Sculpture to Wear, and Architectural Jewellery.