Includes Jennifer Annesley, LuLu B Designs, Susie Cipolla, Richard Cole, Elizabeth Harris, Nikol Haskova, Sheila Kernan, Anastasia Kimmett, Susan Kun, Kerry Langlois, Grant Leier, Robert Lemay, Sarah Martin, Donna Jo Massie, Neshka, Elka Nowicka, Michael O'Toole, Paul Reimer, Robert Roy, Dieter Schlatter, Mike Svob, K Neil Swanson, Janice Iniskim-Aki Tanton
Saturday November 25, 2-5pm

Showing Anastasia Kimmett


Join us & over 20 artists for our annual holiday celebration!

Saturday, November 25, 2 - 5 pm

acrylic, mixed media, panel
25.5 x 50 in.
$7,500 CAD

Anastasia breaks through the traditional format of 'abstract painting' to develop a technique which combines emotion with intellect and abstract with design.

Creating a series of impressionistic landscapes using ink and other mixed media on heavy card, she then cuts the papers into small pieces. Now blending, arranging and inlaying the bits from the different originals, she fastens the unstructured clips together and details this new composition with oil pastel, gold leaf, vinyl etc... Once mounted on a stained birch board and varnished, she has created a new scene that is even more abstract but also, conversely, designed, structured and rhythmic.

Her works are rich in color and inspire the imagination to see depth and unlimited images and landscapes. What is seen when standing back from a finished piece will vary from person to person and from moment to moment but when one looks closer at 'the big picture', it will reveal itself for what it truly is, a collection of beautiful, tiny building blocks of pure emotion.

Mixing arts and craft, Anastasia is an artist with a degree in fashion design and European haute couture construction. As well as having worked many years as a window designer and stylist, she has also designed and hand crafted thousands of cards and stationary. Her resume also includes over a decade of experience and study in the art of acting, both in Canada and the United States.

Now as a visual artist, she combines the varied practices, theories and influences of her multi-faceted background in the arts and design to create her visual art works. These range from the emotional spontaneity honed in the study of performance, to the meticulous planning, pattern making and design details learned in fashion design, to the practices of editing, splicing and composing as is in film making, to craft a final picture.

in Carp, ON


2017 JOY, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB