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Saturday, November 24, 2 - 5 pm

Showing K Neil Swanson


Our glamourous holiday celebration with over 30+ artists attending!

oil, canvas
48 x 36 in.
$5,300 CAD

Deeply rooted in K. Neil Swanson’s painting is the symbolic nature of his work, with elements of past, present, and the future. Ever present in his works are a sense of place and a deep spirituality.

Like an iceberg afloat in the ocean, there is the feeling when viewing his art, that there is something below the surface. It may be hidden: like a feather fallen across the snow or wolf shadows among a small group of deer. On mountain and glacier, over the wind dried plains, the skies move with energy and color; crystal clear nights with a monumental moon, and stars illuminating earth and all below. Ancient stone circles, still found in many Alberta sites, become energy circles in a story Swanson spins on canvas.

Neil is a previous Best New Artist at the Calgary Stampede & Exhibition Art Salon. His work has been featured in International Artist Magazine, Master Painters of the World Canada Showcase, as well as Canadian Country Cowboy Magazine, and Alberta Views Magazine.

in Saskatchewan. Nationality is Canadian


2004 Best New Artist, Calgary Stampede & Exhibition Art Show, Banff, AB