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oil, canvas
15 x 60 in.
$2,775 CAD

oil, canvas
48 x 48 in.
$3,860 CAD

At a very young age, André developed a passion for drawing, the plastic arts and nature. On his many trips with his parents, he discovered the Gaspé Coast, the regions north of Joliette, St-Tite and La Tuque, just to name a few. Those childhood memories are still a source of inspiration today in much of his art.

He is a physically active man. Among his accomplishments he has competed many times in canoe racing, including the prestigious Classique Internationale de Canots de la Mauricie and has brought home two Gold Medals from the Montreal International Marathon.

In 1973, one of his dreams became a reality. The Government of Quebec hired him as a wildlife conservation officer in the Mont-Laurier region. Since his job was to protect Quebec wildlife and to track down poachers, André saw himself board a bush plane to the north of his territory many times to install very well camouflaged surveillance stations and spend many days in a tent, sometimes under very difficult conditions. During this time, he remained an avid painter, indulging in his creative pursuits in his spare time and participating in a few exhibitions.

After 18 years of work in nature, a new job brought him back to his hometown. Having experienced confined quarters at his surveillance posts, his new found environment opened to him the St. Lawrence River and St-Pierre Lake, a large body of water protected by the World Biosphere Reserve. This work led him to befriend commercial fishermen and many hunters of migratory birds. He also observed the strength of the spring tides (May Seas) that windswept the bays. The powerful intensity of the great outdoors has inspired him and still contributes to the richness of his work.

Self-taught, he uses oil paint and palette knife only. He paints spontaneously with power and vividness using his own imagination. His paintings are full of light, colour and febrile movement all presented in great harmony. Handling his palette knife in a very personal way, he leaves thick traces to bring out a third dimension. Pleau's work is constanly evolving and his passion for nature is seen in his abstract works also.

In September 2004, he retired early to devote himself to his art. His wonderful work is frequently and positively commented upon by art specialists. As a result of 32 years in close proximity to nature, Pleau has created a large repertoire of unbelievable memories to be shared with nature lovers.

Always growing, André Pleau is now getting involved with abstract art, still based on his favourite subject. This personal evolution in his art has been commented on over the years by the art publications that have covered his work.

Born on April 7, 1950 in Trois-Rivières, QC. Nationality is Canadian


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2008 President of honour, art centre for handicapped persons La Fenêtre
2006 Painting selected by the 25th Conference of North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association, Quebec
2001 Painting selected for the poster of 26th Congress, Quebec Biologist Association
2001 President of honour, art centre for handicapped persons La Fenêtre
1996 2nd prize, Trois-Rivières, Québec Symposium


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2005 Parcours
2004 Le Nouvelliste
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2001 MagazArt
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