Includes Susie Cipolla, Richard Cole, Robert Lemay, Sarah Martin
Saturday March 3, 2 - 5 pm

Showing Robert Roy


Presenting both established and emerging artists in this exhibition Canada House Gallery offers a diverse glimpse at a loved and revered subject – BEAR. Situated in Canada’s First National Park and a World UNESCO Heritage site, we adore all that makes our place sacred, and that includes our wildlife. Bears represent the whole of nature, and we cherish their safety, their habitat, their future.

Richard Cole and Robert Lemay have been anchor artists at CHG for years, yet the BEAR is a relatively new subject for them. We are pleased to welcome emerging artists, Susie Cipolla & Sarah Martin to the gallery and our collectors and show how BEAR inspires them in their work.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards WildSmart; a program of the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley, a non-profit charitable organization. Established in 2005, WildSmart is a proactive conservation strategy that encourages efforts by communities to reduce negative human-wildlife interactions. Their goal is to develop a coordinated approach to education/outreach programs and help support direct management activities that will aid in increasing public safety and enjoyment as well as contribute towards sustainable wildlife populations.

The funds that you will be donating to WildSmart will be used to recruit and train new volunteers for their Wildlife Ambassador Program. Come meet Nick de Ruyter, WildSmart Education and Outreach Coordinator, at the reception.

No artwork is currently available for display online.

Born in Ste-Perpétue, Quebec, Robert Roy at first worked in his family's general store. However, when his father retired and discovered painting as a hobby, Robert, who was just 18, also became fascinated with painting and colour. As a result, he spent all his free time working on his technique and capturing on canvas all that inspired him.

In Ste-Perpétue, Robert Roy drew and painted his surroundings from all angles, but he was soon ready to discover new horizons. He left his hometown to travel the world and has been to the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, and as far afield as the Fiji islands. His travels in fifty of the most important cities in the world including, Vancouver, Paris, New York, Malaga, Brussels, Sydney and Honolulu, have inspired his art and given the artist an appreciation of the colourful panaroma that exists around us.

After returning to Québec, Robert Roy studied art at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières, continued to work on developing his technique, and participated in numerous exhibitions. Inspired by people in movement or street scenes, Roy’s paintings are characterised by freedom of movement and a lively expressionist style in which colour and emotion reigns. His desire is to capture the moment in all its complexities by painting what he sees and by generously sharing what he feels with the viewer.

In fact, Robert Roy’s appreciation for life is felt in all his work, because he likes to paint as he likes to live; that is with great pleasure and joie de vivre.

Born on 1957. Nationality is Canadian


2017 JOY, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2016 JOY, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2015 Snow Days, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
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Drumco LTD
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Loranger & Marcoux Lawyers
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Provincial Government of Quebec
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1989-05 Magasin'art répertoire biennal
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2004 Radio Canada, production d’un tableau en direct à l’émission, En attendant le Bigot
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2009 Le Courier Sud
2009 La Nouvelle
2008 L’Express
2008 La Nouvelle
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2007 L’Express
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2002 Hommage à Pierre Vercheval des Alouettes de Montréal, (remise d’un tableau)
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