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Saturday, November 24, 2 - 5 pm

Showing Elka Nowicka


Our glamourous holiday celebration with over 30+ artists attending!

mixed media, canvas
20 x 28 in.
$1,200 CAD

Elka Nowicka achieves a unique mixed media approach to her art, incorporating layers of acrylics, gels, marble dust, gold leaf, and other exotics to realize exquisite depth texture. Currently residing in Victoria, BC, Elka was born in Poland where she earned her Masters degree in construction engineering. After her arrival in Canada in 1990, she pursued her love for the creative and established herself as an accomplished artist and designer.

“Layers of patina covered images… unveiling memories. I plunder the past for inspiration: weathered and crumbled plaster walls of Italy… dark, rich palettes of old European masters – with a contemporary perspective. Multi-textured technique gives each piece its unique beauty and individual patina. Multi textured technique intrigues me - it permits the control but allows the spontaneity in my creative process. My intent is to capture the intensity of emotions, reflections, experiences...”

. Nationality is Canadian


Construction Engineering, Poland, Masters Degree


2011 Focus Magazine, March: “Elka Nowicka’s Perfumed Memories”
2008 Magazin Art, “Weaving a Tapestry of Color, Texture and Light”
2008 Victoria Times Colonist “Strings attached”
2006 Victoria Times Colonist “Poetry on canvas”
2004 "Artistry in the Boudoir", Boulevard Magazine