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Kakulu Saggiaktok

Kakulu Saggiaktok
Please join us for the Artist Reception on
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Canada House Gallery is the official host gallery for the 2017 Cape Dorset Annual Graphics Collection. As such, we will have editions 1 & 3 of each print.

We are accepting reservations today - call us at 1-800-419-1298 with your choices!

The official release is Saturday, October, 21, 2017.

"On a recent trip to Cape Dorset, I sat down with the artists and printmakers of Kinngait Studios in hopes of learning more about the inspirations and processes behind their work in the 58th Annual Print Collection.

I quickly learned that their artwork goes beyond aesthetics. Unlike many Southern artists, the artists from this picturesque hamlet in Nunavut seldom receive formal training in studio arts, so their artistic practices are largely informed by mentorship and collaborations with the community.

The resulting prints simultaneously embody tradition and contemporaneity, creating a captivating visual record of both history and present day culture of Kinngait."

  • Claire Foussard, excerpted from the 2017 Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection catalogue

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etching, aquatint
31" x 34"
Artist Studio
$ 800

etching, aquatint
31" x 34"
Artist Studio
$ 800


Kakulu Saggiaktok

Kakulu was in born 1940 on the Hudson’s Bay Company supply ship Nascopie, en route
from Clyde River to Pangnirtung. At that time, her parents and older brother were members of a small group of Inuit who travelled from south Baffin Island to trap and hunt furs in the more northern regions. Her mother was Ikayukta, a well-known graphic artist and her older brother was Qavaroak Tunnillie, a well-known and prolific sculptor.

Kakulu began to draw in the early 1960s when the newly established West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative introduced its graphic arts project. Her approach has evolved considerably over the years and she has developed a signature style that is marked by a playful yet sophisticated sense of imagery. She continues to explore her own unique expressive voice by participating in the workshops offered at Kinngait Studios.

She is married to Saggiaktok, who for many years was a printmaker in the stonecut studio. He would frequently proof and edit those images by Kakulu which had been chosen for stonecut prints. They live in Cape Dorset with their four children.

ARTIST STATEMENT: "Because I am not very old, I don't usually draw in the old ways, but in my mind I would like to. Because I am not very old, I don't really remember. I was born on a ship, the Nascopie, when my parents were travelling around Baffin Island. I don't remember much about those early years, but I have one memory of being taken by canoe from the ship to the land by a white man."

Also known as Sagiatuk, Qaquluk, Kakoolook, Kakulook.

Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, Fort Worth, TX
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, ON
Canadian Museum of Civilzation, Hull, PQ
McMaster University Art Gallery, Hamilton, ON
McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, ON
Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, NT
Simon Fraser Gallery, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
University of Lethbridge Gallery, Lethbridge, AB
Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB

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