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Robert Lemay
Please join us for the Artist Reception on
Saturday, May 13, 2017

2 - 5 pm

150 pieces of Canadian Art for


Canada House Gallery is proud to present 150 pieces of quintessentially Canadian Art to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary! Featuring these 15 artists, 10 pieces each!

Join us for the artists' reception on Saturday May 13 2 - 5 pm and meet these 9 artists: Bill Brownridge, Floyd Elzinga, Bill Henderson, Sheila Kernan, Robert Lemay, Paul Reimer, Dieter Schlatter, Peter Shostak & Janice Iniskim-Aki Tanton

Exhibition runs May 10-23, 2017

Please click on the images below for larger photos.
We ship worldwide and guarantee safe arrival!

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oil, canvas
20" x 16"
$ 1400

oil, canvas
12" x 10"
$ 900 SOLD

oil, canvas
20" x 16"
$ 1400

oil, canvas
20" x 16"
$ 1400

oil, canvas
20" x 16"
$ 1400

oil, canvas
20" x 16"
$ 1400

oil, canvas
12" x 12"
$ 1000

oil, canvas
16" x 16"
$ 1200

oil, canvas
20" x 16"
$ 1400


Robert Lemay

THE GRID PAINTINGS: "It's interesting to revisit a subject I've often painted, using my grid technique. I've always used the grid, as artists since the Renaissance have done to scale up their images, though in these paintings I've allowed it to be seen. In the modern era the grid becomes a subject unto itself underscoring the abstraction. The frontality and regularity of the grid has been explored as a separate subject matter in contemporary art by such artists as Chuck Close, Brice Marden, and Agnes Martin.

My row by row construction of a realist image is meant to reveal the abstraction of the paint handling, the history of the technique, and to connect these with a contemporary digital environment."

I’ve spent the winter months painting large, colourful flowers and bright, clean space. The variety of shapes, colours and textures was particularly stimulating against the backdrop of that long season.

I’ve been a still life painter for thirty years. This past year, at age fifty, I decided to strip the still life to its most basic form – an object in space. No tabletop, no wall, no floor, no glass, wood, cloth, or metal. Instead these works explore a balance between what is simple and what is complex, fragile/strong, light/dark. I use the flower as an expression of form and symbol. I believe that the word is also an exhortation: flower. Even in the deepest winter, the coldest season.

- Robert Lemay, June 2013


- There’s a new generation of painters every 20-25 years and so we continually re-negotiate reality. It’s not a fixed thing, reality, so something with a long history in humanity – the cultivation of flowers, which is something that appears in almost all cultures – seems a good place to explore one’s own vision of a particular reality, a particular way of seeing.

- The idea of the simple flower portrait is a direct approach to still life. When one ‘reads’ a still life, one sees the objects as an indication or substitute for human presence. Instead of portraits of humans, I’m painting portraits of flowers. I want to paint a flower in a way that you see there is only one quite like it.

- The scale I’m working at in these works is helping me to explore these different values, these fundamentals of painting, in a satisfying combination. Also, the increased scale of the flowers encourages me to leave more direct brushstrokes as I’m more confident I can achieve the values I want with a more direct approach.

2007   Alberta Foundation for the Arts Projects Grant
1996   Alberta Foundation for the Arts Projects Grant
1990   Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant
1989   Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

Alberta Art Foundation
Alberta Energy
Alberta Treasury Branch
Bennet, Jones, Verchere
Canada Council Art Bank
Canadian Embassy: Beijing, China; Canberra, Australia
Chevron Oil
Edmonton City Hall
Foreign Affairs
Graceland University, Lamoni, IA
Interprovincial Pipeline
Lethbridge Regional Hospital
Norcen Resources
Ocelot Energy
Shaw Communications
Suncor Energy
Westin Hotels

2017       Spring Show, Barbara Frigerio contempory Art, Milan, Italy
2017       CANADA 150, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2016       JOY, Canada House Gallery, Banff, AB
2016       Iconic Women, Shayne Gallery, Montreal, QC
2016       Grid, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB  
2015       Robert Lemay 30 Years, Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2013       "Flower," Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2011       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2010       "In a Narrow Space," Shayne Gallery, Montreal, PQ
2009       Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2008       Calm Things, Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2007       Shayne Gallery, Montreal, PQ
2006       Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2005       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2004       Shayne Gallery, Montreal, PQ
2003       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2002       Shayne Gallery, Montreal, PQ
               Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
2001       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2000       Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
1998       Hollander York Gallery, Toronto, ON
               Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1997       Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
1996       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1995       Hollander York Gallery, Toronto, ON
               Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
1994       Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver, AB
               Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
               Hollander York Gallery, Toronto, ON
1993       Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1992       Woltjen/Udell, Edmonton, AB
1991       Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
1989       Woltjen/Udell, Edmonton, AB
1988       Woltjen/Udell, Vancouver, BC
1987       Woltjen/Udell, Edmonton, AB

2011    “For the Love of Art” Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB
1999    “New Talent Invitational” Denise Bibro Fine Arts, New York City, NY
            “Alberta: Six Degrees of Separation”, Prairie Regional Art Gallery, Grand Prairie, AB
1998    “Multiple Realities” Muttart Public Art Gallery, Calgary, AB
1997     “Still Life”, McMullen Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB

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2014    Inaugural Artist-in-Residence, Graceland University, Lamoni, IA
2007    Alberta Society of Artists, September 13, 2007
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