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14 x 24 x 11 in.
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"The time of the free trapper in our North American history is but a short period of that history. It was a time before the great Western expansion, a time of explorers who sought out to map the new frontiers. The fur trade was expanding to the west and men seeking adventure heard the call of the wilderness and sought it out to earn their fortunes from its bounty.

It was a somewhat innocent time where they befriended many of the native tribes who taught them the ways of hunting, trapping and living off the land. They made friendships, traded goods, learned the languages and often took native wives. They took on the dress of the natives and generally lived with mutual respect.

However, as the expansion to the west continued, competing trading companies and the whiskey trade would eventually lead to ill content, greed, duplicity and ultimately conflict.

The mountain man or free trapper is an icon of our western heritage. He represents our passion for our wilderness, our sense of freedom and the seeker in all of us who look to the mountains as our haven."